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Listen to poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and lyrics in ’Lana M. Rochel Author’ podcast! The gamut of genres Lana writes is diverse. Smashing borders, she shares the best of her work globally. With beautiful music, each episode is crafted to tickle your senses. Live the chemistry of words! All episodes (timeless) are available on Lana M. Rochel, YouTube: Author bio: Lana M. Rochel is the pen name for a writer, poet, lyricist, and podcaster whose work has appeared in BFS Horizons#10, the Haiku Pea Journal of haiku and senryu, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Redemption: The best rejected manuscripts of 2020 anthology, LitStream Literary Magazine, the 2021 Dwarf Stars anthology, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Farmer-ish, Short-Story.Me!, Antithesis (Blog), hedgerow, and The Journal of Undiscovered Poets. English linguist, Lana writes creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, song lyrics, and children’s. Read ’Lana M. Rochel Author’ (prose, poetry, and lyrics) on Patreon! Native Ukrainian who has moved to the UK because of the war, which was brutally started by russians on 24 February 2022. Stop russians from committing genocide against Ukrainians! Stand with Ukraine! Thank you!

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Monday Dec 20, 2021

Once on a New Year's Eve. Background music Shelter By Myuu
Christmas Reads The Real McCoy Deer
Christmas Came Early That Year
Carol of the Wings

Monday Dec 13, 2021

A Christmas adventure of a photographer looking for Santa's reindeer to sway his girlfriend Maddy from LA
Music "Strolling Around" by Myuu
Christmas Reads: Christmas Came Early That Year
Carol of the Wings
Podcast Lana M. 'Rochel, YouTube

Thursday Nov 11, 2021

On the edge of the fall, she reconsiders their burdening relationship, longing for a new gingerbread season romance. Feeling blue, emotional, breakup lyrics.
"Exhale" by Myuu
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Read "Lana M. 'Rochel Author"

Thursday Oct 21, 2021

'Breaking Loose/Runaway Bride.' Lyrics by Lana M. Rochel. Breakup, crime, abusive relationships.
 Detective Story by Free Music
Storytelling podcast. Listen to all podcast episodes on Lana M. 'Rochel, YouTube
Read'Lana M. 'Rochel Author' (Prose, poetry, and lyrics), Patreon

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

Good and evil in a Halloween love story in verse. Prince, the prisoner and Levi's jeans girl in a contemporary dark fantasy by Lana M. Rochel. Spooky, thrilling and emotional
Soundtracks by Myuu
Read 'The Prisoner'

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

Science fiction, fantasy, you name it.  Spec poetry. Podcast Episode# 27.  Space - voyage haiku trek
'The Climb' by Scott Buckley –
 All Podcast Episodes
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Sunday Oct 03, 2021

True story of a teenager and her mum moving to a big city. Mysticism of Hamlet, law school, and sketches of Kyiv entering the era of the Revolution of Dignity. Mother's tale podcast.
Music: Wind’s Wreck 2014, Charming Strain, Keep Going, and Down the Rabbit Hole by Myuu
Read "My Little Star Girl"

Thursday Sep 23, 2021

Prince and Levi's jeans girl in a suspenseful drama and moving romance episode trailer. Contemporary dark fantasy. Halloween love story in verse. Three chapters: Prince, Aurora, and When All the Saints Are Backing
"Metamorphosis" By Myuu. Soundtrack
Read "The Prisoner"
Full episode coming soon!

Wednesday Sep 15, 2021

Having second thoughts about breaking up with your lover. Emotional, sad, hopeful. Lyrics podcast. Premiere!
"Hold On" by Myuu
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Wednesday Sep 08, 2021

The full moon night to stay up late. You're gonna throw a bowling ball. You can go dancing on a pole, whatever is your goal. Inspiring, encouraging, uplifting lyrics podcast.
“Red Fox - Instrumental Pop” By Keith Fane. ElectronicBackground music by Keith Fane from 

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